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RJools is for baby boomers who are seeking the most out of life, who don’t want to retire out of life, but instead, want to fully immerse themselves in living their full potential with likeminded individuals.

TWJ Homes is for Baby Boomers seeking an awesome experience. Our vast range of Exquisite Holiday Homes create the ideal environment for an array of treasured memories or inspirational moments.

RW Lomond is a powerhouse of resources, collaborating with only the finest calibre of architects, designers and consultants from across the globe to set new benchmarks for luxury living in the Baby Boomers market.

No one owes you a living. No government, company or individual. If you want to maintain or increase your standard of living, then you need to invest in it now. RWL Capital has many investment vehicles for you to invest in.


After 25+ years in the Property Developing industry spanning across numerous sectors in various countries throughout the world, Lomond Property Group has taken the intuitive step to focus all its resources, efforts, experience and know-hows into one Property Sector:

Baby Boomers 55+

We believe in the best product for its location regardless of trends. Every development of ours complements its environment by bringing forth an inner aesthetic necessity that produces a harmonious whole. We love pushing the boundaries in design and luxury living with our non-compromising policy of utilising only the best products available on the market and exceptionally skilled artisans. Coupled with our attention to the finest details in finish that enhances qualitatively the overall experience of living, we generate real value for our customer’s investment in our products.

Executive Team


Managing Director

After twenty-seven years in the industry, he has cultivated a measured approach with every project, which is underpinned by a disciplined acquisition criteria. No compromise on the quality of each location or access to amenities. Developing in locations where people aspire to live in, attracting a vibrant demographic of affluent residents.

Jonathan Gittins

Corporate Director – HNW &
Equity Investors

Jonathan has mastered the art of negotiating investments. He is extremely competent and confident in all things pertaining to property & commercial investments. His in depth knowledge and understanding of the economy from a fiscal and macro level is exceptional. Hence why he has a treasure trove of Investors awaiting to know his next investment opportunity.



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